Policy and Oversight

Legal and regulatory tools to enhance integrity

We are examining policy, regulation and oversight tools for our upcoming Global Outlook on Water Integrity Publication. More information will be published shortly.

Do you have information or cases that could inform our research on water integrity policy tools? Please contact us.


Key policy, regulation, and oversight instruments

  • Human Rights
  • Sector Policy: Targets, Principles and Charters
  • Legislation for Transparency (right to information, open government, …)
  • Legislation for Accountability (creation of regulatory, oversight bodies, auditing, whistle-blower protection, …)
  • Legislation for Participation and Inclusion (anti-discrimination, minority rights, …)
  • Anti-Corruption Legislation (international and national legislation, …)
  • Regulation of Water Sector Organizations
    • Financial (tariffs, accounting…)
    • Human resources
    • Service standards
    • Information and Control systems
    • User consultation
    • Environmental regulation
  •  Enforcement (institutions and rules, …)


What can you do?

You can take simple steps to launch an integrity change process. Here are the tools to help you.

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