Khulna water service providers improve service through integrity

How integrity management can contribute to the work and image of water service providers

Documentary on KWASA’s experience promoting integrity and the first results of its new policies for the organization

The Khulna Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (KWASA) supplies water services to the third largest city in Bangladesh. It is proactively engaged in an integrity management process with the support of the Bangladesh Water Integrity Network (BAWIN), a multi-stakeholder coalition hosted by Transparency International Bangladesh.

KWASA has examined the key integrity risks it faces and implemented measures to promote transparency, accountability and participation in its operations, to ultimately improve its business model and provide more effective service to Khulna water service users.

The Integrity Management toolbox is being used to support the integrity management process and has helped KWASA develop better billing, procurement and HR systems, for example.

Produced by Transparency International Bangladesh. 2016.

Length: 6:38 minutes

In English/Bangla

The full documentary in Bangla on KWASA’s experience with the Integrity Management Toolbox is available here.