World Water Council

8th World Water Forum 2018

Integrity and governance event highlights

We look forward to seeing you at the 8th World Water Forum in Brasilia from 18th – 23rd of March 2018! Several WIN team members and partners will be present and available to discuss integrity and good practices with you at the forum.

Below are some of the events WIN will be involved in:


25th SuSanA Meeting
Convener: SuSanA
Saturday, 17th March 2018 | 09:00-18:00 | Hotel Manhattan Plaza (SHN Quadra 2, Bloco A, DF, 70702-900, Brasil)

Eight years after the last SuSanA meeting in Latin America (11th SuSanA meeting, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) SuSanA is inviting all sanitation enthusiasts from Brazil, Latin America and beyond to join. The meeting will follow-up on ideas to set up a SuSanA regional chapter in Latin America that were presented at the 24th SuSanA meeting in Stockholm. For further details on the 25th SuSanA meeting as well as working group meetings that will be taking place during the week of the World Water Forum, please stay tuned on the SuSanA platform!


Water Governance and Communication in Cities
Convener: Global Water Partnership
Theme: Urban
Tuesday, 20th March | 11:00-12:30 | Room ST6 (M12)

Water governance raises the question of city boundaries for water and the need for institutional coordination among key stakeholders. This requires an enabling environment that allows cross sectoral urban planning that promote water as a major asset and involving cross-scale partnerships between technical, legal, economic and social actors. Communication and awareness raising are central to transparent and cost-effective management, with the engagement of all stakeholders and the adoption of water integrity practices. Information systems designed with the perspective of integration enable participatory processes regarding the multiple uses of water as well as risk mitigation of water scarcity and the consequences of extreme events.


Financing Water Governance
Conveners: Sanergy, WIN & IRC
Theme: Finance
Tuesday 20th March | 14:30-16:00 | Room ST2 (M10)

Debates on water financing are mostly related to investments in infrastructure and services, demand management and on service provision. There is an increasing gap on financing water resource management and governance systems that are critical for all users, aggravated by climate change. IWRM needs a holistic and sustainable approach to overcome the fragmented decision focused mostly on the supply side which is close related to good water governance and financing. This session intends to discuss the needs and means to finance water governance in a coordinated and integrated approach necessary to ensure water security and sustainability, focusing on the demand side, and assessing what functions should be funded, how should they be financed and by whom.


Putting in Place the Necessary Building Blocks to Reach Sanitation for All
Convener: Freshwater Action Network (FANSA)
Theme: People
Wednesday 21st March | 11:00-12:30 | Room ST3 (M9)

Achieving sustainable access to sanitation for all, while prioritizing the needs of the most disadvantaged individuals and groups, will require realistic plans and strategies; adequate institutional and human resource capacity; robust institutional arrangements; adequate and efficiently-utilized financing, and strong accountability mechanisms. This session will focus on these essential building blocks for a well-functioning sector. Participants will discuss the gaps and challenges in the sanitation sector, the difficult decisions that face policy-makers and practitioners particularly in eliminating inequalities in access, and approaches to unblocking bottlenecks which impede progress.


Enhancing Transparency Accountability and Inclusiveness by Stakeholders through ICT and Capacity Building
Converner: CAP-NET (Brazil)
Theme: Capacity
Wednesday 21st March | 14:30-16:00 | Room ST3 (M9)

This session will focus on how the ICT revolution has helped the different stakeholders to have an impact on the governance of the resource. Civil society, research institutes and universities will be given the opportunity to show how ICT developments contribute to greater transparency and accountability in the sector. A few key note addresses and a panel of experts from civil society, government and private sector will further debate these opportunities and interact with the audience.


How to Enhance Multi-Level Water Governance
Conveners: OECD & IRC
Theme: Governance
Wednesday 21st March | 14:30-16:00 | Room ST7 (M13)

Water is a fragmented sector where co-ordination is essential to manage interdependencies across multiple scales, responsible authorities and policy domains. But in practice, role and responsibilities for the management of water resources, services, and water-related disasters are still highly fragmented; combining multiple scales is still a challenge, despite greater attention to the basin level; and the broad range of public, private and non-profit stakeholders affected by decisions on water still do not all have a say on how policies are designed or implemented. Is water governance well-equipped to handle these challenges? The session will explore what can be done at city, basin and country level to enhance co-ordination across policies, places and people.


How is Water Governance in your Country? Indicators to Assess Institutional Performance
Conveners: ASTEE
Theme: Governance
Wednesday 21st March | 16:30-18:00 | Room ST6 (M13)

Indicators are means to an end. They provide evidence to governments and key stakeholders to identify challenges and tackle them. The session will introduce OECD water governance indicators and other assessment frameworks on water resources, services and water-related disasters that can be used to build consensus on what work, does not work and what can be improved; and discuss/draw lessons from experiences of “measuring” water governance in cities, basins and countries, including from Malaysia, Morocco, Colombia, Peru, Spain, UK, Cabo Verde, Austria, Democratic Republic of Congo and the Netherlands.


What’s your Governance Story? Identifying and Scaling up best Practice Across Cities, Basins, and Countries
Conveners: SUEZ Group
Theme: Governance
Thursday 22nd March | 11:00-12:30 | Room ST7 (M13)

Implementing the water-related SDGs will require countries to translate global goals into concrete actions on a number of water topics. It will imply that countries address governance challenges related to water policy design, regulation and implementation in the management of water resources, services and water-related disasters. Sharing and learning from best practices and pitfalls to avoid can help overcome these “gaps”, by fostering peer-to-peer dialogue and bench-learning across cities, basins and countries facing similar types of governance challenges. The session will discuss “stories” of how good water governance can be put into practice to inspire decision makers and stakeholders to strive for more effective governance.


Closing Session on Governance
Theme: Governance
Thursday 22nd March | 16:30-18:00 | Room ST9 (M Cons 2)

Presentation of the outcomes on Governance


We look forward to meeting you there!

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