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A year in review

A look at selected key developments in water and water integrity in 2017


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Wastewater reuse for agriculture: business as usual or need for more integrity?

This article answers a number of critical questions regarding wastewater reuse for agriculture, and assesses related integrity concerns and solutions. Why is planned reuse important and what are related integrity risks? Why is regulation often not effectively enforced and how can it improve in terms of integrity?


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The Importance of Integrity in Rural Water Supply

Interview with Sean Furey from the RWSN secretariat, on RWSN’s work to promote TAPA in rural water supply.


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How to promote TAP in the water sector to address integrity failures

What are partners say in Benin, Guatemala, Madagascar, Mozambique, and Nepal: video interviews with partners about the importance of promoting integrity in their work and the concrete actions they are taking now.


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Mainstreaming Water Integrity and Capturing Knowledge

On the second day of the international shared learning event on water integrity in Nepal, practitioners from Pakistan, Ethiopia, Madagascar, […]