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A year in review

A look at selected key developments in water and water integrity in 2017


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The importance of integrity for water regulators

Interview with the chair of the Eastern and Southern African Water and Sanitation Regulators Association (ESAWAS), Mr Mangamela, on the ESAWAS conference dedicated to ‘water integrity and SGG6 – designing appropriate regulation’ and the way forward to ensure integrity in regulation and through regulation for the water sector.


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Integrity in Designing Appropriate Regulation

The main theme of the conference organized by the ESAWAS Regulators Association was Water Integrity and SDG6- designing appropriate regulation.


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Wastewater reuse for agriculture: business as usual or need for more integrity?

This article answers a number of critical questions regarding wastewater reuse for agriculture, and assesses related integrity concerns and solutions. Why is planned reuse important and what are related integrity risks? Why is regulation often not effectively enforced and how can it improve in terms of integrity?


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Institutionalized Corruption in Irrigation

An interview of Professor Peter Mollinga, who discusses his recent research on corruption in the Indonesian irrigation sector and what it means for practitioners aiming to tackle institutionalized corruption.