Water Reforms Through OGP Action Plans

Thursday, April 12, 2018 4:00:00 PM CEST – 5:00:00 PM CEST

This webinar, co-organized by WRI and OECD contributes to the development of a Community of Practice (CoP) on Open Government and Water to support the implementation of current commitments and stimulate the formulation of new ones. In 2017, the CoP started to share different experiences of CSOs and governments that have made – or are simply interested – in commitments related to a more transparent, participatory and accountable water management and service delivery. In addition to the list of countries – mainly Latin-American – that already have created existing commitments on water – at the national or subnational level (Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Honduras, Panamá, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Peru) -, more countries are likely to join soon.

The goal of this webinar is primarily to offer take-home lessons from current implementation of OGP Action Plans, thus reaching out to interested organizations or governments that are willing to embark in similar processes. Moreover, the webinar will describe the benefits of activating a CoP on water that is tasked with supporting ongoing water commitments and stimulating the creation of additional ones. Overarching principles, like the 12 Water Governance Principles of OECD, may serve as inspiration and guidance for the draft of new water commitments. The webinar will guide the audience to understand: what it takes to set-up and adhere to OGP commitments, what to do to start an open dialogue between governments and CSOs around water reforms, what to avoid to make unachievable commitments, how specific commitments need to be drafted in order to be comprehensively understood, implemented and monitored.

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