IMC Room

Using the IM Toolbox and undergoing the integrity change process will require professional facilitation and first hand expertise on integrity and change management – the toolbox assists such experts and facilitators, but it cannot replace them. An Integrity Management Coach (IMC) is usually a freelance consultant or a person sourced from an external institution (e.g. in the field of capacity development). Capable IMCs are crucial to the success and sustainability of the integrity change process and they are selected based on their availability and experience in either facilitating or coaching in the areas of business or integrity management. All IMCs undergo training on the IM Toolbox and its underlying approach.

If you wish to find an IMC near you or become an IMC yourself, please contact us.

In this section, Integrity Management Coaches (IMC) can find additional guidance for their work with organizations that want to use the Integrity Management Toolbox on the organizational level. Here you can find guidance on:

Selecting workshop participants

Organizing workshop logistics


single_win_graphic_4-06Discussing sensitive integrity issues

Facilitating the workshop (scripts)



Conducting coaching sessions




Contact us if you require further workshop material such as:

  • Risk and tool cards
  • Presentations
  • Business model cheat sheets
  • Templates

Last updated 05 April 2016