Organizational Level

Implementing the Integrity Management (IM) Toolbox at organizational level

In brief

Individual water sector organizations that want to enhance their integrity management can use the toolbox to better fulfil their mandate, improve economic performance, and improve customer orientation. They will assess risks and address them by selecting and implementing the integrity tools most relevant to their organization. In developing countries, these processes will often be supported by development partners working with an individual water sector organization or a group of such organizations.

The integrity change process

The toolbox proposes a step-by-step approach to preparing, initiating, and facilitating a management-led change process towards higher levels of integrity. Click on the phases preparation, workshop and implementation & monitoring to access the step-by-step guidance.

A change process describes the transition of individuals, teams, or organizations from the current state to a desired future state. It is an organizational process that supports management and employees in accepting, managing, and embracing changes within their organization or in their environment.


An Integrity Management Coach (IMC) who is experienced with the toolbox methodology will support the organization throughout this process. Within the organization, the top management will appoint an integrity agent who will coordinate the process and engage with all other employees involved.

It is important to follow the whole process, from analysing the organization and detecting risks, to identifying and implementing tools to tackle those risks. While the overall approach can be used in any country or organization, it often makes sense to adjust certain process steps according to the specific context and group dynamics. Users are invited and encouraged to question whether a proposed methodology is the best way for their context and to develop their own ideas. The aim of using this toolbox is not so much to create the most elaborate integrity management system, but to make integrity manageable and efficient through step-by-step tools for higher levels of integrity and performance.

Last updated 05 April 2016