Sector Level

Implementing the Integrity Management Toolbox at sector level

The overall objective of implementing the toolbox at the (sub)sector level is improving the performance of not only a single organization, but of an entire sub-sector or key function in the sector. Regulatory bodies, associations, funding schemes, and others can use the toolbox to make selected water sector organizations improve their corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and customer orientation by engaging in the integrity change process. In this scenario a coordinating body (regulatory body, association, funding scheme, or other organization) causes the targeted water sector organizations in a given sub-sector (such as utilities) to use the toolbox. This means that parallel integrity change processes take place in multiple organizations. This is usually accompanied by the coordinating body with monitoring, benchmarking, and knowledge exchange activities.

In this scenario the toolbox will be adapted to the country-specific institutional, legal, and regulatory framework of the concerned (sub)sector and the organizations that are being targeted. The approach may need to be adapted to support other ongoing reform processes in the sector. These could include decentralization, the implementation of ISO standards, or the clustering of utilities.

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Last updated 05 April 2016