• WIN programmes

    Ongoing initiatives and programmes to promote integrity in the water sector.

Organization and individuals in the Water Integrity Network and the WIN secretariat are implementing programmes worldwide to promote and enhance integrity in the water sector by reinforcing the main pillars of integrity: transparency, accountability, participation and anti-corruption.

On one hand, water integrity programmes focus on reinforcing the enabling environment for more integrity through advocacy, capacity development and coalition building. On the other hand, the programmes support or encourage preventive action and integrity management projects.

Find out more about the most relevant approaches and tools implemented in our programmes.

Ongoing and past programmes activities worldwide have yielded valuable insight into local dynamics and good practices to promote integrity, tackle corruption and improve sector performance. See all cases and good practices here and all our programme publications and analyses here.


Global Action

WIN advocates for water integrity in international fora, highlighting the impact of corruption in the water sector and calling for policy changes. In particular, WIN is actively engaged in the OECD Water Governance Initiative, a key arena for the promotion of water integrity at country level. Within the initiative, WIN works on the development of principles and indicators to monitor integrity in water governance.

WIN also organizes series of trainings and networking events to enable knowledge sharing and promote and encourage work and action research on water integrity. See upcoming events.


Local Programmes