Organization and individuals in the Water Integrity Network and the WIN secretariat are implementing programmes worldwide to promote and enhance integrity in the water sector by reinforcing the main pillars of integrity: transparency, accountability, participation and anti-corruption.

On one hand, water integrity programmes focus on reinforcing the enabling environment for more integrity through advocacy, capacity development and coalition building. On the other hand, the programmes support or encourage preventive action and integrity management projects.

Find out more about the most relevant approaches and tools implemented in our programmes.

Ongoing and past programmes activities worldwide have yielded valuable insight into local dynamics and good practices to promote integrity, tackle corruption and improve sector performance. See all cases and good practices here and all our programme publications and analyses here.


Global Action

WIN advocates for water integrity in international fora, highlighting the impact of corruption in the water sector and calling for policy changes. In particular, WIN is actively engaged in the OECD Water Governance Initiative, a key arena for the promotion of water integrity at country level. Within the initiative, WIN works on the development of principles and indicators to monitor integrity in water governance.

WIN also organizes series of trainings and networking events to enable knowledge sharing and promote and encourage work and action research on water integrity. See upcoming events.


Local Programmes

Retour sur les moments forts de la phase pilote du programme pluriannuel de promotion de l’intégrité de l’eau au Bénin, mené par le GWP-PNE Bénin avec l’appui du réseau WIN.

  • Regional Capacity Development Programmes
    in Sub-Saharan Africa, MENA and Latin America

    Regional capacity building programmes aim to build awareness and motivate actors and coalitions to act to promote water integrity.

    Sub-Saharan Africa Programme

    The water integrity capacity development programme in West Africa was implemented to raise awareness, initiate dialogue at multiple levels, and familiarize participants with the principles of water integrity and the main tools or approaches to promote these. The programme ran from end of 2011 to June 2014 and was led by WIN, with support from the UNDP Water Governance Facility at SIWI, Cap-Net and Waternet, and the backing of ECOWAS. The programme enabled the training of 289 participants and the development of 12 national action plans for water integrity promotion. Water integrity coalitions are being consolidated in the region in preparation of an upcoming phase 2. Similar capacity development programmes were led in East Africa by SIWI and in Southern Africa by Cap-Net.
    The programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa reached more than 400 participants and culminated in the organization of the 1st African Water Integrity Summit in Lusaka in April 2013. The Summit Statement was publicly supported by the African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW).


    WIN member SIWI is implementing a regional water integrity capacity building programme for the Middle East and North Africa region in collaboration with regional and local partners since 2014. The objective of the programme is to develop capacities of the different water stakeholder groups at different governance levels to improve transparency and accountability practices in water resources management. The programme was kicked off with trainings of trainers and will be pursued at progressively higher level forums with national trainings, alumni mentoring, and finally regional high-level meetings and learning events.

    Latin America

    UNDP Water Governance Facility, Cap-Net, LA WET net and local partners are implementing a regional Water Integrity Capacity Building Programme in Latin America since 2013, to strengthen integrity and transparency with targeted capacity building activities. A mapping of integrity and accountability in water resource management for the region has been carried out to ground the programme.

  • Integrated Country Programmes
    in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, South and South-East Asia

    Country programmes combine advocacy and networking work, capacity building and implementation of water integrity tools, to build momentum for water integrity and support active corruption prevention. These programmes are implemented by WIN and partners.


    The GWP-PNE Benin is organizing capacity building activities on integrity tools for a wider range of stakeholders in water service delivery and water management (particularly around the Oueme basin), and is developing a national Water Ethics Charter and water integrity code of conduct.

    Burkina Faso

    A coalition of partners is coming together in Burkina Faso to act on a national action plan focused on improved urban and rural water service delivery. The 2iE institute also organizes trainings on water integrity for its water engineering students.


    The Ethiopian Ministry of Water and Irrigation and Energy, the Dutch Water Authorities and the Awash Basin Authority are collaborating to support policy development and develop capacity and tools to make water management at river basin level more effective.


    HELVETAS and partners in Mozambique are focused on promoting integrity in budget allocation and investment decisions in local service provision, especially for rural regions.


    HELVETAS and partners in Guatemala are leading assessments and capacity development efforts, with a special focus on increased transparency and participation for better policy enforcement.


    The Bangladesh Water Integrity Network (BAWIN) is developing partnerships to perform water sector and water sector institution assessments.


    HELVETAS, FEDWASUN and partners are pushing forward the better water governance agenda at national levels and monitoring integrity risks at local levels in Nepal.


    Pattiro and partners are piloting integrity management process for utilities and river basin organizations in Indonesia.

  • More Local Initiatives and Coalition Building
    in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Europe

    There are initiatives ongoing worldwide aiming to promote water integrity to specific audiences or to build networks of knowledgeable and active stakeholders. These initiatives are led by partners and supported by WIN.


    Several initiatives are ongoing in Kenya to focus on the integrity of water stewardships and the implementation of integrity management processes for water utilities. CARITAS Switzerland is also leading the adaptation of the integrity management toolbox for community managed water systems in rural areas. KEWASNET is actively promoting water integrity for NGOs.


    CEWAS is supporting the adaptation of the Integrity Management toolbox for small and medium enterprises in the water sector in Zambia.


    Arghyam and FANSA are promoting water integrity and raising awareness on transparency, accountability and participation in India. They assessed integrity in WASH in public schools in Andhra Pradesh using the AWIS approach.


    WIN is supporting the strengthening and dissemination of knowledge on water integrity among water sector international organizations based in Europe, primarily in the Netherlands and Switzerland. The Swiss Water Partnership, for example, is actively engaged in developing internal capacity and strategies for water integrity in their work.