WIN works with a network of specialized water integrity associated consultants. The consultant network is an expertise pool that brings together facilitators, researchers and consultants. They provide professional guidance and service to partners and stakeholders interested in launching water integrity initiatives in their organization or region.

Some of the services of the Water Integrity Network include:

  • Diagnostic water integrity studies, scans and water governance assessments
  • Workshop organization and facilitation
  • Training of trainers for water integrity
  • Process facilitation for water integrity initiatives in countries, cities, regions, or river basins
  • Advisory services relating to business model adaptation for water services operators
  • International and regional policy advice on water sector reform
  • Advocacy and communication projects
  • Research and documentation of case based practices


Members of the Consultant Network

Janek Hermann Friede

Janek Hermann Friede is an independent consultant specialized in water integrity. He focuses on:

  • Enhancing the performance of companies and water sector organisations through higher levels of integrity
  • Increasing the effectiveness and integrity of multi-­ stakeholder processes and private sector engagement with water policy
  • Enabling stakeholders to implement context specific water integrity solutions that generate meaningful outcomes
  • Converting knowledge into training concepts and tools that facilitate practical learning and integrity action

Grit Martinez

Grit Martinez is a social scientist specialist in applied research on water governance and sustainability. She is a Senior Fellow with the Ecologic Institute in Berlin and Assoc. Research Professor at the department of Anthropology in the College of Behavioral Social Sciences at the University of Maryland, Washington D.C. She specializes in:

  • Stakeholders path dependencies and socio-cultural values – perceptions, behaviour and motivation for change – towards water integrity
  • Teaching/ workshops for environmental management training programs for developing and emerging countries, research institutes and universities

Birke Otto and Anke Jurleit

Birke Otto and Anke Jurleit are water governance and management academics and practitioners. They specialize in:

  • Research and education: Assessments, cases studies, interviews, documentation and analysis of tools and methodologies.
  • Education and workshops: Development of syllabi for university level coursework on water integrity, training of trainers.
  • Tool development: Development of  sustainability indicators for assessments of progress towards sustainable development. Monitoring monitoring, measuring and evaluation.


MetaMeta provides research and consultancy services in water governance, and offers specialized communication products geared to the international resource management and development sectors. With their intimate knowledge of the water sector, practical approach, online reach and wide network, MetaMeta focuses on:

  • Expanding integrity themes to additional countries and international networks
  • Supporting and facilitating local processes –including setting up country networks
  • Helping to further develop the practical application of integrity and its conceptual connotations
  • Supporting communication activities and the soft landing of the integrity theme


seecon develops effective solutions for sustainability and integrity problems. seecon capacitates organizations for integrity management to improve performance, by focusing on:

  • Business model development for the water and sanitation sector based on integrity and sustainability
  • Conceptualization, development and implementation of business and integrity management programs and instruments (for enterprises, start-ups, trainers, coaches)
  • Knowledge management (trainings, online knowledge platform development, communities of practice)
  • Leadership training and coaching

For Francophone Countries

Jérémie Bambara

Mr. Jérémie BAMBARA is a water and sanitation expert and expert in local development and adult training. He has been working with WIN since the inception of WIN’s work in Burkina Faso in 2009 and will bring his expertise to the implementation of WIN’s vision and mission. Mr. Bambara has facilitated several trainings on water governance and WIN tools and methodologies.

Koffi N’dri

Mr. Koffi N’DRI is an economist and a water and sanitation specialist. He holds a number of senior positions: Secretary General of the SODECI Water Utility of Cote d’Ivoire, Secretary General of the African Water Association, Steering Committee Member of the Water Utility Partnership, etc. Mr. N’dri is well acquainted with the realities and challenges of the water sector in Africa and across the world.


To find support for your projects or for further information, please contact the network: