Mombasa Water Improvement Pact

Bringing water providers and users together to improve service delivery


The Mombasa Water Improvement Pact is a formal agreement between Mombasa Water and Sewerage Company and the water users of the Old Town community, outlining the responsibilities of each party and setting action points for improvement of water service delivery. It was negotiated and signed based on the recommendation of a 2011 National Water Integrity Scan by TI-Kenya, which pointed to serious issues in terms of inequity and accountability in the water supply sub-sector.


Action and Outcomes

As a first step in the preparation of the pact, conclusions of the National Water Integrity Scan were presented, discussed and developed. The aim was to agree on a common assessment of the actual situation to ground the pact. Both parties then outlined their abilities to contribute to improvements and their main goals, including:

  1. All stakeholders commit to improving communication between MOWASCO and users
  2. Technicians work together with users to achieve improved reporting systems and billing
  3. Community members commit to maintaining facilities and actively cooperating with technicians

See full text of the Mombasa Pact

The parties also agreed on practical action points. For example, consumers agreed to sign-off on meter readings.

TI-Kenya committed to acting as a facilitator and mediator in case of conflict, thus formalizing and lending more credibility to the process.

The pact development process and the formal agreement have contributed to improving relations between users, technicians and the service provider company.


The Mombasa Water Improvement Pact is now a reference for the improvement pact tool integrated in the Water Integrity Management Toolbox for Water Service Providers.


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