The mayor of Sinendé at a public meeting on water budget allocation (2011) - © PNE Bénin

Awareness Raising for Improved Financial Accountability in Benin

Case Studies


Despite a legal obligation to publish accounts, it was revealed by a study in 2009 that very few municipalities in Benin openly disclosed accounting information and that this information was seldom requested by the population.


Action and Outcomes

In response, the GWP-PNE Benin launched initiatives aiming to increase both supply and demand of public accounting information for water sector expenditure in municipalities in Benin. Through communication activities (public information sessions, radio shows, awareness raising campaigns) and capacity building efforts (set up of consumer associations, reinforcement of citizen monitoring bodies, training of elected officials and public servants), the initiative helped increase communication efforts from the municipalities and in parallel contributed to increased public attendance at municipal council meeting.

At the national level, the PNE Benin also advocated for the initiation of regular information sessions between water sector decision-makers, key private water sector stakeholders, journalists and civil society organizations to improve financial accountability.


Lessons Learned

All stakeholders have an interest in transparency. Care should be taken to ensure that no stakeholders capture the process for their own purposes, for example solely as public image building exercise.

Case Sheet (only in French)

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