Integrity Management in Water Sector Organizations

Practical guidance to identify and manage integrity risks to improve effectiveness of public and private water organizations


Our Integrity Management toolbox is a systematic, bottom-up approach to identify and address the integrity risks in the day-to-day operations and management of a water sector organization. Water sector organizations can use the approach to optimize their business models and reduce the risks that are affecting their performance on the long term.

Many water sector organizations face serious integrity risks:

  • Corruption in procurement,
  • Loopholes left open by poor financial management,
  • Abuse of power and undue political influence in oversight bodies,
  • Incentives for corruption due to poor working conditions,
  • Ethical debates

The toolbox can help organizations launch an integrity change process and provides guidance on a range of practical tools that can be used to address the main risks, including: finance, accounting and procurement tools, recruitment tools, codes of conduct, check-lists for audits, field work tools, and complaint management systems…

Different types of water sector organizations can benefit from the approach, which can be applied as a voluntary process or as recommended by a local regulator or sector association.


 How it works


 Download our toolsheet for a fuller overview of the integrity management approach.



The integrity management approach and toolbox is designed to be address integrity risks in a single organization. It does not address changes or issues related to the overarching regulatory framework nor does it address integrity issues beyond the influencing power of an organization.


Implementation Guidance and Resource Material

The integrity management toolbox will soon be available as an online platform.  Come back here for more information soon!



The IM toolbox is being applied by water service providers in Kenya and Indonesia and among small and medium enterprises in the water sector in Zambia. The toolbox is also being adapted for use by rural community water system management organizations and for river basin organizations in Ethiopia. More information on these cases will be available soon.

Using the Integrity Management Toolbox to Support SMEs in the Zambian Water Sector


What can you do?

You can take simple steps to launch an integrity change process. Here are the tools to help you.

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