Water Management Transparency Index

Assessing Availability of Online Resources from Water Management Organizations


  • Assess the transparency of online information provided by water management organizations
  • Increase awareness about the importance of transparent information in the water sector by providing recommendations on what information can be published and publically comparing performance
  • Provide transparency benchmarks for water management organizations as a reference and incentive to improve in relation to peers.


How it works

The Water Management Transparency Index (WMTI) is a ranking of water sub-sector organizations according to the availability on their respective websites, of public information regarding their organization and activities. It relies on a set of clearly defined, locally relevant and specific indicators outlining what kind of information can be made available online.

After an initial scoring by an independent assessor, ranked organizations are given an opportunity to comment or provide clarifications. A final ranking is then publicly communicated.



  • The Water Management Transparency Index is not a means to assess the quality or ease of access to information online. It only assesses availability of the information online.
  • It is not a universal set of indicators and requires adaptation to the local context.
  • It is only relevant in sub-sectors where users have a high degree of access to the internet.


Implementation guidance and material

Overview of methodology and ranking as described by Transparency International Spain

Results from the ranking of water management agencies in Spain for 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2015



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