Thinking of Integrity on World Water Day

A message from Ravi Narayanan

Today, we celebrate water as the source of human well-being and development. As such, its limited availability calls for more than careful management; it calls for governance which mandates, enables and regulates its usage in a manner that is fair, transparent and efficient. At the heart of this governance is integrity, in intent and practice.

2015 marks the end of one phase of universal commitment to development -in the form of the Millennium Development Goals- and the beginning of another, the Sustainable Development Goals. The former set a goal which was a milestone on the road to universal access to safe water and sanitation. It is now of crucial importance that the Sustainable Development Goals delve deeper and place the universal commitment to integrity as the principle that ensures water governance is based on the three pillars of transparency, accountability and participation.

Ravi Narayanan

Chair of the Water Integrity Network

March 22, 2015

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