Capacity Development

Personal and institutional capacity development should underpin any programme or reform for more water integrity: to raise awareness, enable dialogue, build an understanding of concepts, issues and tools, motivate networks, and support change processes.

Capacity development for water integrity encompasses a broad and evolving set of training and knowledge sharing approaches and tools that can be implemented at the relevant level. A general integrity training can provide a good starting point for many initiatives. Specialized training, training on tools, professional skills or leadership and more, can also be components of a water integrity strategy. Knowledge sharing can support coalition-building and inspire the development of innovative, collaborative solutions.



General Water Integrity Training

A better understanding of the dynamics and impact of corruption in the sector, as well as insight on how to address the issue can help actors identify risks and inspire action.

General water integrity trainings, generally touch upon:

  • Corruption dynamics and risks
  • Water governance and how it is interlinked with integrity
  • Anti-corruption laws, institutions and instruments
  • Transparency, accountability, and participation as pillars of integrity

Within an organization, trainings can also cover anti-corruption commitments of the organization and compliance processes.


Training on Integrity Tools

Browse our individual tools and publications for implementation guidance and facilitator manuals. Contact us for more information or consult our water integrity associated consultant network for professional guidance.


Specialized Training

Specialized training can focus on a particular topic or risk area  -e.g. procurement or advocacy…, a specific professional skill -e.g. leadership, networking, accounting,  IT, .. or be addressed to targeted stakeholders -e.g. journalists, regulators…

See some examples in our Integrity Management Toolbox for water sector organizations or consult our water integrity associated consultant network for professional guidance.


Knowledge Sharing

Among coalitions or practitioners that already work on water integrity, knowledge sharing is a useful approach to showcase good practices, enable peer-learning, and jointly develop innovative approaches. It can also be a powerful tool to develop, sustain and revive alliances of like-minded actors.

See tips and resources to organize an effective and action-oriented water integrity knowledge sharing workshop


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WI Training Manual

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