© BAWIN - Release of new integrity assessment at press conference, July 12. 2015

BAWIN releases critical integrity assessment of Bangladeshi water sector management

The Bangladesh Water Integrity Network (BAWIN) and Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) released an assessment of integrity in Bangladesh water sector management covering the period of September 2014 to June 2015.

The critical report evaluates water policy and legislation with a focus on transparency, accountability and participation. It then investigates service delivery standards of the Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (Dhaka WASA) and the Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB). The findings suggest that corruption in water management and water service delivery is fuelled by an out-of-date legislative/organization organizational framework and ineffective punishment of infractions. Political interference is common throughout the chain of command in both organizations. Loopholes to avoid sanction are rife and there is little opportunity for communication and interaction with stakeholders. This type of corrupt environment contributes to water shortages and leads to wide disparities in service between rich and poor areas.

The report closes with 9 urgent recommendations:

  1. Upgrade the legislative and regulatory framework
  2. Develop the work plan for water management and water service provision in accordance to new policy and based on issues
  3. Activate the national water resource council as a watchdog or observer, according to the 2013 Water Act
  4. Review the planning commission’s Development Project Proform (DPP) to ensure integrity
  5. Improve human resource management and vocationial skills of staff
  6. Strengthen Implementation Monitoring and Development (IMD)
  7. Improve skills and know-how on water project evaluation
  8. Enable active involvement of different stakeholders in decision-making
  9. Plan research on water resource management to address clear issues

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