Resisting Corrupt Practices in Climate Change Adaptation in Bangladesh

Lessons from Community Action in Satkhira

Waterlogging in the Satkhira district of Bangladesh — exacerbated by illegal dumping and building development — has given rise to a crisis in water, sanitation, and hygiene. This short documentary by Transparency International Bangladesh and BAWIN highlights a local effort, started two years ago, whereby local, national, and international civil society organizations worked together to ensure that the government funds targeted for the excavation of a 10-kilometre stretch of a water canal in the district were expediently and transparently used to achieve their goal.

The film documents the conditions that gave rise to the water integrity initiative, such as illegal business procurement practices and rampant government malfeasance, as well as local efforts to monitor, document, and challenge progress-impeding corruption.

Title: Resisting Corrupt Practices in Climate Change Adaptation: Lesson of Community Actions from Satkhira, Bangladesh

Running time: 04:35

Produced by: Transparency International Bangladesh

Year: 2015

Language: Bangla, English, English subtitles