Integrity management to improve coordination between water organizations

How integrity management tools are helping State and non-State actors in Kenya report back on sector performance in a more coordinated and transparent manner

Kenya has a strong legislative and regulatory framework for the water sector and qualified actors planning and delivering Water and Sanitation services throughout the country. Still, roughly 25 million people lack access to water and sanitation services in urban and rural areas. Governance in the water sector is one aspect that could be improved to ensure better performance, more coverage and more sustainability for water facilities.

In this SIWI sofa episode from the Stockholm World Water Week 2015, Engineer Kimanthi Kheyngo, Deputy Director of Water Services at the Kenyan Ministry of Water and Irrigation and Ms Sareen Malik, Programmes coordinator at KEWASNET, discuss their views and strategies to raise awareness for integrity in the sector, change behaviours for more compliance, and improve coordination between State and non-State actors, especially to plan and report on water sector developments in a more accountable manner.

They share the lessons learned so far using the Integrity Management Toolbox approach, developed in collaboration with WIN, cewas and GIZ. Several water service providers in Kenya use the Toolbox approach to structure their efforts and increase financial performance. A new version of the toolbox is also being adapted for civil society organizations, as a means to self-regulate their projects. The integrity management approach includes instruments to support State and non-State actors to align their plans and developments and provide comprehensive monitoring, as a means to improve governance and performance of the water sector on the long term.

Running time: 25:15

Produced by: SIWI for the Stockholm World Water Week 2015

Year: 2015

Language: English

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