Learning from the Indonesian Experience

Successful preparation

WIN transferred the Integrity Management (IM) Toolbox for Kenyan water service providers to the Asian context in a pilot project in Indonesia in 2014. This occurred together with the Indonesian NGO PATTIRO, and with support from the Dutch Government. After a participatory adaptation workshop with the municipal water utility of the city of Malang, East Java (PDAM Kota Malang), the Toolbox was adapted to fit the local requirements and translated into Bahasa Indonesia.

To establish capacities on the ground, 10 local Integrity Management Coaches (IMCs) were trained in the use and the implementation of the Toolbox. The IMCs then facilitated the IM workshop at PDAM Malang. The workshop was attended by numerous representatives from the Supervisory Board, the Board of Directors, and top-level management.

Challenging implementation

Although the IM workshop had been a great success for all project partners, the implementation phase proved challenging due to two main reasons:

  1. The designated IMC resigned from the local partner institution shortly after the workshop and the partner institution disengaged from the water integrity work.
  2. At PDAM Malang the main director responsible resigned, and the transfer to the new director was not effective.

In consequence, the implementation process stalled. It was only revived once the former IMC was reinstated as an independent consultant and the discussions were relaunched with the new director.

Lessons learned

The experience revealed three key lessons for future implementation projects:

  • The concept of the IM Toolbox can be successfully transferred to different geographical and institutional frameworks if necessary adaptations are made.
  • Constant support by a dedicated, qualified, and motivated IMC is key for successful implementation within the organization. A significant interruption of the support by an external IMC can quickly lead to an evaporation of the initial motivation and dedication within a target organization.
  • Management support is vital for the long-term commitment of a target organization. Even if this support can be ensured in the preparation phase, attention must be drawn to familiarizing new members with the management and directorate in case of turnover.

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