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    Programme priorities:

    Promoting integrity in water management, through the application of the Integrity Management Toolbox for service providers. Capacity development. Advocacy and awareness campaigns.

    Credit: Pujohn Das/Unsplash


The  Bangladesh Water Integrity Network (BAWIN) was launched in 2009 with the support of Transparency International Bangladesh and other organizations working in the water sector. BAWIN is now an umbrella group for various water stakeholders in the country, who jointly advocate for stronger integrity in the sector.

WIN and BAWIN are also also supporting water institutions in Bangladesh to apply integrity management practices to improve performance and service. We are currently supporting two of the biggest water utilities in the country (Chittagong WASA and Khulna WASA) in making integrity a standard practice to improve service delivery (with the IM toolbox).



Bangladesh has in recent years considerably improved health, education and opportunities for livelihoods. The country has ambitious intentions to fulfil the SDGs. Still, at least 45 million people in Bangladesh live below the poverty line in this low-lying water-rich country, which is vulnerable to climate change, flooding and cyclones.

The water sector in Bangladesh is complex and overseen by at least 13 ministries. Corruption is an endemic problem within many institutions.

The Bangladesh government has been making efforts to change the institutional and legal framework to address these issues while ensuring equitable access to water resources. There are instruments to promote transparency, accountability, and participation even though their practical application in the water sector is not always effective.

WIN and BAWIN have made important progress in assessing integrity risks and raising awareness of the need for integrity.



An assessment of BAWIN activities and their impact from 2014-2016 (by BAWIN, TI Bangladesh and WIN).

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Research and report on the used of Effluent Treatment Plants in the garment industry by BAWIN, ENRAC and Transparency International Bangladesh (2017).