Official approval protocol for contractor’s work

Generate legitimacy for the project outputs through an approval protocol signed by the responsible authority for your infrastructure work

An official approval protocol for contractor’s work requires a quality and compliance check and a document signed by the responsible authority that confirms its acceptance of the constructed infrastructure and its official permission for opening it to the users.

Purpose and link to IQC

The official approval protocol for the contractor’s work helps ensuring the quality of work and is important to manage possible claims later on if facilities or supplies stop functioning. It confirms the compliance with official standards and protocols. Through this approval, you are providing accountability to the government, while at the same underlining government responsibility to provide services to the community. Government should therefore be involved in the approval of works, even if infrastructure is eventually handed over to representatives from the communities.

How to

1.  Carry out your own quality check

Before engaging the responsible public authority, you should be confident that your project outputs are properly functioning by measuring the quality of services after completion of construction works.

2.  Contact the authority and arrange a meeting at the project site

Contact the concerned authority, inform them of your intention to solicit an official approval protocol and arrange a meeting at the project site. The table below provides an example how you can document your meeting with the authorities and obtain their signature for approval. You should ensure that the supervisor of the construction works and the contractor’s representative also attend the meeting, to answer technical questions.


Name of the project: construction of a sand dam for the community
Contact person, Institution: John Smith, Tanathi Water Service Board
Meeting arrangements:


·         Date and time


·         Place


·         Participants

·         At 10:00 on 25th August 2015

·         At the CSO’s office, from there a visit is planned to the construction site

·         Name, Supervisor of the construction works

Name, CSO project manager

Name, Contractor’s representative

Name, Tanathi Water Service Board

3.  Prepare the text for the Official Approval Protocol

See Template.


4.  Ensure that the official technician checks the works prior to approval

Before signing the Official Approval Protocol, ensure that the authority’s engineer actually checks all requirements and specifications that are essential for your infrastructure works.

5.  Execute and communicate the protocol

Each party signs the Official Approval protocol. It should be communicated to the public and wherever possible a copy should be made publicly available.


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Last updated 12 April 2018

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