Francophone Africa Regional Workshop of the Swiss Water and Sanitation Consortium

Bamako, Mali, 7 – 10 May 2018

CSO members of the Swiss Water & Sanitation Consortium in West Africa embark on the promotion of water integrity

The Francophone Africa regional workshop of the Swiss Water & Sanitation Consortium was held 7 – 10 May 2018 in Bamako, Mali.

A total of 32 participants from 8 countries in the sub-region – Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Togo and Madagascar – attended, representing seven Consortium organisations: CARITAS, Swiss Red Cross, Fastenopfer, HEKS, HELVETAS, SWISSAID, and Terre des hommes.

The general objectives were to share knowledge and learn from each other. This year a particular theme had been chosen that was common to the three regional projects being implemented by the organisations members of  Consortium: water governance.

Each project was invited to present – in film or poster form –  a successful experience on good water governance. Water integrity and several of WIN’s tools such as the Water Integrity Toolkit for Small Suppliers, the Integrity Pact, and the Integrity Charter, were featured prominently in discussions facilitated by Lucie Leclert of CARITAS Kenya, and Françoise Nicole Ndoume of WIN.

Although the projects faced local differences, they each faced the same difficulties.

The group summed up integrity as:

Integrity = Anti-corruption + Transparency + Accountability + Participation

The projects worked individually to identify the governance issues they face. They then presented to the group in the form of small plays – a unique approach that allowed participants to better remember the different cases of risks to integrity presented.

Some of the participants at the Swiss Water Consortium regional workshop in Bamako

To encourage participants to implement relevant actions related to both integrity and Blue Schools – an ongoing project educating school-aged children and young adults on water, sanitation, hygiene and environment so they can transform into ‘happy environmental  ambassadors’ –  all projects were asked to make written commitments via a joint-email within the consortium.  The outcomes included:

HELVETAS Benin Integrity: Elaborating the good governance charter for water at the local/commune-level. Implementation of a bottom-up management process for the adoption of the charter at national level.

Blue Schools: Supporting 60 Blue Schools.
Terre des hommesSwitzerlandIntegrity: Revising Terre des homme's WASH sectoral policy in 2019, including an integrity component.
SWISSAIDChadIntegrity: Good governance of the water sector.

Blue Schools: Supporting 5 Blue Schools.
Terre des hommesMaliIntegrity: Increasing WASH Fit and inter-project learning with HELVETAS – medical waste management, JIKURA initiatives, Blue Schools

Blue Schools: Supporting 10 Blue Schools.
HELVETASNigerIntegrity: Organising Question and Answer days of the actors of delegated management.

Blue Schools: Supporting 64 Blue Schools.
HELVETASMaliIntegrity: Establishing a women's group, and mapping in the communes/communities of Faradiélé and Ouroun.

Blue Schools: Supporting 2 Blue Schools.
Terre des hommesGuineaIntegrity: Raising partners' awareness of the importance of the integrity pact in public procurement by the end of 2019.

Blue Schools: Gradually introducing certain components of the Blue Schools package to 10 pilot schools by the end of 2020.
Terre des hommesMauritiusIntegrity: Integrating integrity into WASH in health centres by December 2018.

Blue Schools: Conducting a situation analysis in 2018, and implementing the Blue Schools concept, in two schools in Nouakchott by 2019.
Terre des hommesBurkina FasoIntegrity: Integrating the concept of water governance into activities through sensitisation, and organising reporting sessions with local authorities and management committees.

Blue School: Supporting 4 blue schools.
HELVETASBurkina FasoIntegrity: Implementing the WIN toolbox in the Eastern region of Burkina Faso to improve water service performance.

Blue Schools: Supporting 24 Blue Schools.
Togolese Red CrossTogoIntegrity: Implementing the WIN toolbox in the Eastern region of Burkina Faso to improve water service performance.

Blue Schools: Supporting 24 Blue Schools.
SWISSAIDNigerIntegrity: Good governance of the water sector.

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