2017 Annual Report Available

A year into our new WIN strategy!

The Water Integrity Network is excited to launch our 2017 Annual Report. Download:

In 2017, WIN started implementing its new Strategy 2017 – 2022, Engaging with partners for change. It proved to be a year filled with strengthened partnerships, solid progress on country programme implementation, and numerous opportunities for exchange amongst water integrity change agents.


As part of WIN’s objective to put integrity more strongly on the agenda of international water sector organizations, interactions and deepening ties with international partners, resulted in several organizations making explicit commitments to water integrity in their strategies, policies or annual work plans.

A strong focus in 2017 was on carrying out activities in WIN’s three focus countries: Benin, Bangladesh, and Kenya. Significant progress towards the objective of measurably increasing integrity and reducing corruption was made whilst implementing WIN’s programmes in countries with partners.

The East Africa Water Integrity Forum was held in Ethiopia, where government officials, CSOs, UN-agencies and the private sector came together for three days of exchange, culminating in the development of action plans per country and thematic area.

Research provided new evidence, for example, on costs of corruption for CSOs and the results of social accountability mechanisms in the water sector. Tools trainings were conducted throughout 2017 to strengthen capacity within WIN and its partners.

Communication and knowledge management played an essential role in all these activities, ensuring that WIN and partners attract more visibility for their work.

A solid foundation for successful collaborations on the topic of water integrity was established with local, regional, and international partners.

Many diverse partners collaborate in the WIN network, and together they make it possible to achieve the results described in our annual report – Thank you!


Image: Zakir Hossain, shortlisted WIN photo competition

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