July 2018 – Sector Round Up

Another month has passed with water issues high on the agenda for many organisations. We’ve seen SDG 6 take centre stage at the highest level of global discussions, accountability mechanisms reviewed, and innovation helping secure access to clean water for drought-stricken communities. Below are some of the most compelling stories and resources the internet shared with us in July.

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Global – Report: Global Review of National Accountability Mechanisms for SDG 6


The results are based on more than 1,000 surveys, interviews, and validation meetings with stakeholders working on water resources, drinking water, and sanitation in 25 countries.

The study evaluated the nature of existing national accountability mechanisms as well as the challenges and opportunities, identified gaps and made specific recommendations to different stakeholders to reach SDG 6.

The report calls for civil society’s involvement in the decision-making processes and follow-up actions around progress towards SDG 6.

Read the full report via End Water Poverty


Global – The world is off track to achieve SDG 6, so what can countries do about it?

The UN’s summary report on the status of progress towards SDG 6 makes sobering reading. Amid its multiple recommendations, something is missing: the critical need for strong governmental leadership and accountability’.

Are governments providing the necessary leadership to achieve SDG 6, and are there the right mechanisms in place for citizens to hold them to account?

Read the full article via IRC WASH


Global – The Bottom Line Game

In the fictional African city of Bafini, 80% of residents have no access to a sewer connection, relying instead on toilets with pits or septic tanks. This creates a need for better faecal waste collection services, and a market opportunity for a smart entrepreneur.

Think you can run a waste management business? Play The Bottom Line and find out!

Play the game via WSUP


Kenya – Governor Abdi dissolves Wajir water board

Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi has dissolved the Water and Sewerage Company (WAJWASCO) board and appointed Ahmed Omar to head the organisation, replacing Roble Subow who was accused of mismanaging funds.

Read the full article via The Star


Kenya – Delivering water with a taste of innovation

Water ATMs in northern Kenya are helping to sustainably and fairly deliver water to communities in drought. They are open 24 hours a day and have fixed, affordable prices. The system involves the use of electronic credits that can only be spent on water, meaning the money can’t be stolen or misspent.

Read the full article and see the incredible photographs via Oxfam


Iran – Two Days of Protests in Southern Iran over Lack of Water

People in the southern Iranian city of Borazjan held several days of protests over a lack of drinking water. According to local reports, the taps in Borazjan have been dry for several days and residents blame corruption and mismanagement by local authorities for the water crisis.

Read the full article via Radio Farda


UK/Global – The Observer view on why we shouldn’t waste a drop of increasingly vital and valuable water


‘It is a pity the millionaire bosses of privatised water companies do not spend more time lining leaking pipes and less time lining their pockets […] Climate change denial cannot be vanquished overnight, no more than we can insist it start raining. But appreciating the value of water, and water conservation, can start today’.

Read the full article via The Guardian

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