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Case Studies: the Integrity Management for Small Water Supply Systems

Lessons and challenges from Kenya

The Integrity Management (IM) Toolbox for small water supply systems is an innovative participatory approach to coordinate efforts between communities and local governments to improve the quality of services provided from small water supply systems in rural and marginalized areas.

The IM Toolbox for small water supply systems is designed for community groups managing a small water supply system to help them improve their performance and compliance by analysing the way they currently manage their water system, identifying current problems, and selecting adequate tools. From this basis, community members define action plans, which are implemented through a long-term coaching process. Tools have been reviewed under the lens of the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation and look specifically at the engagement of disadvantaged groups, including women.

Implementing partners have identified five case studies from Kenya, highlighting key achievements, challenges, and lessons learnt. Produced with Caritas Switzerland.