Stefan Groenveld

WIN on SWA Steering Committee

Lotte Feuerstein CSO representative for northern region

WIN is delighted to announce the appointment of Lotte Feuerstein, Programme Manager, Regional Coordinator – East Africa and Acting Executive Director, to the Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) Steering Committee. Lotte will be taking up the Steering Committee Civil Society representative position for the northern region, inheriting the seat from Thilo Panzerbieter, German Toilet Organization and End Water Poverty.

Who are SWA?

Created in 2010, SWA is a partnership of governments and their development partners, including civil society, the private sector, donors, UN agencies and research and learning institutions. We share the belief that government-led, collaborative, and multi-stakeholder decision-making processes lead to more sustainable, efficient and transparent solutions, than when development partners work alone.

SWA has five constituencies, and CSOs form one core element. The CSO constituency includes non-profit organizations or networks active at national, international or regional levels, international NGOs, and community based organisations. WIN is a civil society partner. Read more.

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