Call for Blogs

Gender and Water Integrity - Be Part of the Conversation

WIN is calling for short blogs that capture the different nuances of gender, participation, and the fight against corruption in the WASH sector. We are interested in stories that inspire, and stories that can provide useful insights on working toward increased integrity and improved participation.

Stories could include a range of topics such as:

  • How lack of integrity in the WASH sector is affecting women (where possible marginalised communities) differently or disproportionately
  • Women community leaders improving integrity and transparency
  • Participation of all genders in management and decision-making around services leading to an “integrity” impact
  • Activists striving to hold service providers and government to account
  • Programme and project design in the WASH sector that have gender issues at their core

If you are working in the fields of water and sanitation, corruption, and gender and would like to contribute to the conversation, please send an email with a short synopsis or outline to Don’t forget to add the subject line as Blog on Water Integrity.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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