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March 2019: Leaving No One Behind

This year’s World Water Day and Water Action Month were all about Leaving No One Behind. These events are a reminder of the absolute necessity for water services to meet the needs of marginalized groups and ensure their voices are heard in decision-making processes. This implies that “regulatory and legal frameworks must recognize the right to water for all people, and sufficient funding must be fairly and effectively targeted at those who need it most“.

To us, this is clearly a water integrity issue.

With this is mind, here are our picks of a few of this month’s interesting reads by partners and sector organizations worldwide.

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World Water Development Report 2019: Leaving No One Behind

The UN World Water Development Report shows how improvements in water resources management and access to water supply and sanitation services are essential to overcoming poverty and addressing various other social and economic inequities. Importantly, it explicitly, and repeatedly, recognizes the negative impacts of corruption for the water sector, stating in particular that: “Apart from derailing policy implementation, corruption also reinforces existing inequalities, since payments trickle up to those with more (discretionary) power.”

Download and read full WWDR2019 at


Gender-smart open contracting: empowering communities and enabling inclusive growth

We’ll be following this series of blogs by the Open Contracting Partnership on how to rethink public procurement with a gender lens, knowing that “gender bias and rigid power dynamics can recreate discrimination and oppression in how government money is planned, procured, implemented and monitored”.

Read the first piece published on International Women’s Day:


The Promises & Perils of New Tech for Anti-corruption

This interview of the Chair of Transparency International, Delia Ferreira Rubio, on how new technologies can contribute to the fight against corruption, was posted live during the OECD Global Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum. New technology can bring voice to many but can also be exclusive, and replicate bias and structures that go with corruption in the real world. Food for thought.

The promises & perils of new tech for anti-corruption

How are new technologies contributing to the fight against corruption?🎥 Tune in now for a live discussion with Transparency International Chair Delia Ferreira Rubio & share your questions in the comments below!

Gepostet von OECD am Mittwoch, 20. März 2019


Gender and corruption: where do we go from here?

This note from “Voices for Transparency” on gender and corruption, summarizes some key ideas on how corruption disproportionately affects women and how anti-corruption measures are central to reducing the gender gap. It focuses on the need to put actions to words with a list of seven ideas.

Read in full:

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