Conducting Integrity Management Coaching Sessions for Organizations

Integrity Management for Water Sector Organizations


Once a road map is approved and an integrity change process is officially launched in an organization, a coach or facilitator supports the integrity agent (and team) through regular coaching sessions. The aim of the coaching process is to ensure successful implementation of the road map, including the achievement of the goals of the chosen integrity tool . The key reference for the coaching process is therefore the road map. These coaching sessions serve two purposes:

  • Discuss progress with respect to the deadlines defined in the road map, discuss difficulties the integrity agent (and team) is facing and why implementation of some tools may be resisted or blocked.
  • Explore options together with the integrity agent (and team) for corrective action. If implementation progress deviates significantly from the road map, the integrity agent (and team) should look into options for further prioritizing and amending the road map.

Guiding questions

Before or during each coaching session the following questions should be clarified for each of the chosen integrity tools:

  • Which goals have been achieved?
  • Why were they achieved?
  • Which unintended effects have been triggered?
  • How can such positive effects be sustained and negative ones be mitigated?
  • Which goals have not been achieved?
  • Why were they not achieved?
  • What problems did you encounter?
  • How did you solve them?
  • Which problems could not be solved?
  • How could these problems be solved?

Based on this information, the next tool implementation steps are determined. If the original planning of the road map was not realistic or if unexpected difficulties arise, the integrity agent (& team) should make the necessary adjustments to the road map, and communicate these changes to the relevant people.

What can you do?

You can take simple steps to launch an integrity change process. Here are the tools to help you.

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