Photo: Seecon - Nepal Integrity Forum, 2017

How do we improve water integrity tools

A community of practice to shape the future of integrity tools

At WIN, we support partners and water sector stakeholders to better assess integrity risks and develop action plans to address them. Integrity tools have been developed and tested to support these processes. We are working hard to make these tools more accessible and user-friendly for the water sector, starting with updated web pages.

We’ve added new tool information, cases, and downloads to make it easier to understand and select the best tools. And, we’ve developed a section for facilitators, bringing together tips and resources for those who are leading tool applications. This is just the beginning! In the next months, we’ll be adding new case material, translations, and new tools. We will also critically assess our tools, in terms of effectiveness, accessibility, and gender sensitivity.

Now we need your help! We know it’s not easy to find one’s way in the many online toolboxes available for the water sector, let alone for business compliance and anti-corruption. We’re eager to discuss the way forward with partners and are setting up a loose Community of Practice to launch the conversation:

  • How do we combine tools and make tools accessible?
  • How do we improve tools and make sure they work?
  • Which resources and materials are we missing to facilitate implementation?

Join us or simply share your feedback. We look forward to sharing experiences!


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