Online Training: Water Integrity – Principles and Concepts, 2019 edition

Free, facilitated online course. Registration open until September 7th, 2019

September 30th to November  29th, 2019


On a global scale, the levels of capacity and coordination to protect and improve vulnerable water resources and services are becoming inadequate. Water governance is not effective and is hindered further by multi-faceted corruption. Poor and marginalized communities, people who are the least empowered to speak out against these issues, are the most affected.

Integrity, accountability and anti-corruption are critical to good water governance and quality service provision for all. These principles need to frame policy reforms and enforcement but are too often the least addressed dimensions of the governance of water resources and services.

Fighting corruption requires leadership and courage, but also demands knowledge of the phenomenon to stimulate new capacities and boost change in water resources management.

This training course is for water practitioners and public officials who want to contribute to increasing efficiency and integrity of water management. The course explains what is water integrity and provides examples of how to support integrity in the daily life of water experts.


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