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Selected links from July 2019

Big news and big cases this month. Transparency revealed the results of its Global Corruption Barometer survey for Africa, which shows more than half of all citizens think corruption is getting worse in their country, just as a sitting minister is arrested on  corruption charges related to procurement and construction of two mega dams in Kenya. We’re closely following developments.


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Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer for Africa 2019: Citizens speak out on corruption

Transparency International’s 2019 survey found that nearly one in four people (23 percent) who accessed services from utilities paid a bribe in the previous year. This is close to 130 million citizens in the 35 countries surveyed. Africans who pay bribes for basic service are twice as likely to be poor than rich and young people are more likely to pay bribes than people over 55.  Foreign actors play a significant role in fuelling corruption in Africa through bribery and money laundering.

The good news is that a majority also feel optimistic that they, as citizens, can make a difference in the fight against corruption, despite fears of retaliation.

Read this important report, conclusions and recommendations at:


Cases to watch

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Anti-Corruption Commission releases report pointing to irregularities in Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority projects (Bangladesh)

There appears to be evidence that some projects were awarded in exchange for bribes and project specifications were not followed, leading to a significant increase in costs.

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Kenya’s finance minister arrested on corruption charges in connection with the construction of two dams

The minister and several other officials are accused of graft in connection with a dam project overseen by an Italian firm. They are said to have ignored legal procedure to award the contracts and make payments.

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FBI raids offices of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (USA)

The raids seems to be part of an investigation into how the city responded to the problematic rollout of a new customer billing system and how it secured legal counsel.

See more at:


Understanding corruption in water service delivery: the situation in Mexico, illustrated

The Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) released infographics and information on corruption in the water service sector in Mexico, its consequences, and scale. These are useful reference points.

See more and download all four infographics at:





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