• Action Tools: Making Change Happen

    WIN’s Action Tools help organizations to manage and execute successful water integrity projects, focusing on improving governance and fighting corruption in the water sector through preventive and corrective actions at the level of financial management, procurement, and service delivery.


Who They’re For


  • Managers of water sector organizations and utilities
  • Project managers in the water sector
  • CSOs or community groups running a small water supply system


What They Do


  • Enable managers to diagnose root causes of recurring problems and to identify specific integrity risks that affect financial management, human resources or other processes.
  • Enable managers to prioritize and identify the appropriate measures to overcome integrity risks
  • Provide a framework to motivate and support collective action for integrity
  • Support managers to implement realistic integrity roadmaps addressing key risks and monitor progress

Key Tools


Integrity Management Toolbox for Water Sector Organizations

An adaptable set of resources to support integrity management for private and public utilities and public water institutions.


Integrity Management Toolbox for Small Water Supply Systems

A set of resources to improve performance of small rural water supply systems and community-managed systems.


Integrity Quality and Compliance for Project Managers

A process and tools to address common integrity issues in water project management, from planning to operations.