• Integrity Management Toolbox for Water Sector Organizations

    An adaptable set of resources and workshop methodologies to support integrity management for private and public utilities and public water institutions.

Integrity Management is a change management approach to reduce unnecessary losses from corruption and bad practice in human resources, accounting, O&M and other work processes.

It can help reduce reputational risks for organizations, at time when financing partners, clients, and citizens are increasingly taking note of integrity issues and demanding transparency and accountability from water organizations.



  • When an organization wants to improve performance, undertake internal reforms to strengthen integrity, or improve customer relations.
  • When an organization wants to implement change management processes to minimize reputational and legal risks related to integrity issues.
  • When a process or project is stalled or integrity issues have come up.



  • Improved internal systematic management of processes, in line with legal and compliance mechanisms, and best practices for accounting or project management.
  • When applied by a network of organizations: supported and improved performance benchmarking.




  • Water utilities
  • River basin and watershed organizations
  • CSOs and community groups
  • Local government & public water management institutions
  • Small and medium enterprises in the water sector


The Integrity Management Toolbox offers a step-by-step guided process to assess and manage integrity risks which can be implemented over a couple of months. Throughout implementation, individuals in an organization analyse their current practices, identify areas for improvement, and select concrete tools to manage the most pressing risks.

Coaches generally accompany the decision-making and implementation process, guiding the stakeholders without taking decisions for them.

How we support implementation

The Integrity Management Toolbox is a flexible approach that can be tailored to different organizations and management models, and that can easily be adapted to different countries and contexts. WIN and its partners support adaptations and work with organizations to facilitate onsite Integrity Management workshops, providing long-term coaches and mentoring support.



An Integrity Management programme using the IM toolbox is an iterative, step-by-step process. We generally work with trained local coaches to support organizations throughout the implementation process.


Detailed descriptions of common integrity risks for utilities, public institutions, river basin organizations, and water sector contractors, as well as resources on practical mitigation tools and how to implement them.


Water Integrity Network (WIN), cewas, and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) developed the Integrity Management Toolbox for Water Sector Organizations. It was launched as a tool for water utilities in Kenya to implement a change management process focused on integrity. We work with partners, including cewas, SIWI, Caritas Switzerland to expand the tool and develop new resources for new adaptations worldwide.

Together we have since initiated, facilitated and coached more than 18 processes in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa, partnering with SDC, IADB, GIZ, KfW, SECO, UNDP, amongst others. The Toolbox has been adapted and scaled to work for very different organizations: from small contractors in Zambia, to regulatory agencies and service providers in Latin America, river basin organizations in Indonesia or urban utilities serving millions of users in Bangladesh.

Thank you to our financing partners and to all the dedicated individuals and organizations who helped shape the Integrity Management Toolbox and make it a hands-on tool for change in water organizations.


Cases and Examples