• Integrity Management Toolbox for Small Water Supply Systems

    A set of resources to improve performance of small rural water supply systems and community-managed systems, through better management and governance practices. This includes support to ensure compliance with local rules and regulations through strengthened accountability and monitoring of service quality.


  • When long-term water services delivery in rural and marginalized areas needs improvement or is hampered by integrity problems.
  • When responsibilities for the management and maintenance of a small supply system are unclear.



  • Improvement of water services
  • Smooth operation of a small water system in compliance with local rules and regulations
  • Inclusion of users, community representatives, and staff.




  • Managers of small water supply systems in rural or marginalized areas
  • Community groups using water from a small water supply system
  • Local or national government wanting to take measures to regulate and improve performance of small water supply systems


The Toolbox is a set of resources to guide a long-term, step-wise change process for managers of small water supply systems and community groups managing service delivery. The change process phases are:

  • Preparation: in order to analyze the context, secure buy-in from government institutions, and to mobilize stakeholders.
  • Workshop: takes place for the system users and managers to self-assess its problems and to create a plan and actions to solve them
  • Implementation: actions are implemented with on-site and remote coaching, and progress review workshops.

This coaching and follow-up is a key, built-in component of the implementation process. It is a means to strengthen relations with key sector institutions, while practically working towards compliance, and improved performance.

How we support implementation

The Integrity Management Toolbox is a flexible approach that can be tailored to different groups and management models, and that can easily be adapted to different countries and contexts. It has a high potential for scale-up and replication.

WIN and its partners support adaptations and work with organizations to facilitate onsite Integrity, Quality, Compliance workshops, providing facilitators and mentoring. Contact us for help or information.

Resources for implementation and facilitation

All resources will be published shortly.

Integrity tools and templates

All tools will be published shortly.


The Integrity Management Toolbox for Small Water Supply Systems was developed and piloted in Kenya from 2015 by WIN, Caritas Switzerland, and WASREB. It is based on the Integrity Management Toolbox for utilities developed by WIN, cewas and GIZ, and was first adapted to address the issues of community groups unable to operate professionally, or not formally recognized in the country regulatory framework.
Over 100 coaches and counterparts have since been trained to use the Toolbox and guide implementation in Kenya, where more than 40 community groups are actively using it. The Toolbox has also been adapted for use and piloted in Ethiopia.