• Integrity, Quality, Compliance for Water Project Management

    A set of simple project management tools and templates to improve project management and address common integrity issues from planning to operations, for small-scale water and sanitation or water resource management projects.


  • When starting a WASH or WRM project (for example, the building of a water kiosk or small reservoir) as a framework to manage integrity and corruption issues upfront.
  • When integrity issues have come up.
  • To benchmark integrity, quality, and compliance levels, and set incentives for water projects in a portfolio or region.



  • Improved systematic management of projects, strengthened project integrity through transparency and participation
  • Improved relationships with local stakeholders, including government
  • Adherence to legal and compliance mechanisms




  • Local CSOs
  • Local utility companies
  • Community groups
  • Municipal governments


Project stakeholders come together for a two-day Integrity, Quality, and Compliance workshop to reflect on how current project practices align with seven success factors:

  • Context analysis and community engagement
  • Government engagement
  • Quality and compliance
  • Project planning
  • Project implementation
  • Project follow-up
  • Reporting and learning

Using the discussion as a basis, they perform a risk assessment together, identify areas for improvement, and select simple project management processes to work towards incremental positive changes, using the tools and templates from the Framework.

How we support implementation

The Integrity, Quality, Compliance Framework for Project Management is a flexible approach that can be tailored to different groups and management models, and that can easily be adapted to different countries and contexts. It has a high potential for scale-up and replication.

WIN and its partners support adaptations and work with organizations to facilitate onsite Integrity, Quality, Compliance workshops, providing facilitators and mentoring. Contact us for help or information.


Description of success factors, detailed tool descriptions and templates, facilitator materials.

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Integrity, Quality, Compliance Framework for Project Management was developed and refined by the Kenya Water and Sanitation CSO Network (KEWASNET) and cewas on the basis of the Integrity Management Toolbox for Water Organizations. It was first used to track CSO activity in the water sector for the annual Kenya Water CSO performance report published by KEWASNET.

A range of organizations have also been trained to use the Integrity, Quality, Compliance Framework for Project Management and are initiating processes to manage their WASH and WRM projects more effectively, including: Kenya Water and Health Organization (KWAHO), the Umande Trust, Caritas Kenya, Catholic Relief Services, CESPAD, the Siemens Foundation  in Kenya, MSABI in Tanzania, Clearwater Farms in Zambia, SPOUTS of water in Uganda, Vetivier TT in Trinidad and Tobago, and CASSA in Guatemala.