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WIN’s vision is a world with equitable and sustained access to water and a clean environment, which is no longer threatened by corruption, greed, dishonesty and wilful malpractice.

WIN’s mission is to increase integrity levels, reduce corruption and improve equity in the water sector with a pro-poor focus. To do so, WIN works with partners and influences decision-makers to facilitate active multi-stakeholder coalitions and to build capacities for the use of  tools and strategies for water integrity at all levels.

WIN’s work is currently guided by its Strategy 2023-2033.

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WIN assesses its programme implementation and impact in its annual reports.

This is how we put water integrity on the agenda in 2021 and how our partners have been implementing proactive integrity strategies for rural water supply, with utilities large and small, and with regulators and policy-makers.

View Water Integrity Network (WIN) Annual Report 2021


General audit reports:


Original version in German: WIN e.V. Audit Report 2018


Original version in German: WIN e.V. Audit Report 2017

Programme audit reports: