• Assessment Tools: Defining the Issue

    WIN’s Assessment Tools help institutions to define the magnitude of an integrity issue in a sector or region, prioritize risks to be addressed, and measure progress achieved, using methods such as problem diagnosis, benchmarking, and monitoring.

    Photo: Danilo Victoriano


Who They’re For


  • National and local public water and sanitation sector institutions and government


What They Do


  • Clearly quantify and qualify integrity issues
  • Provide credible measurement of integrity risks, based on indicators and the perception of all involved stakeholders
  • Prioritize risks to be addressed, and measure progress achieved

Key Tools


Annotated Water
Integrity Scan

A means to quickly assess the integrity situation in the water sector through a participatory workshop, during which stakeholders score risk areas in terms of levels of transparency, accountability and participation.

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Water Governance Assessment Guide

A framework and set of guiding questions to help identify key areas of focus, priorities, and challenges for improved water governance, including those related to corruption and integrity.

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