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    WIN publications on water integrity, Transparency-Accountability-Participation-Anti-corruption, and corruption in the water and sanitation sectors


Urban Water and Sanitation

Water Integrity Global Outlook 2021: Integrity in Urban Water and Sanitation

WIGO2021: Urban Water & Sanitation - Full Report


Summary - English   Résumé - Français   Resumen - Español    Muhtasari wa Ripoti Kamili - Swahili.


Cross-sector partnerships for water resource management


New integrity guidance for water stewardship initiatives and WEFE nexus work focusing on institutions, information, implementation of intiatives, and investment.

Guidelines to strengthen integrity in WEFE Nexus work The case for integrity in Water Stewardship Initiatives



Sextortion in the water and sanitation sectors: what is it and what can we do about it?

Factsheet: What is Sextortion  Ficha técnica ¿Qué es la sextorsión ?   Fiche Info: Qu'est-ce que la sextorsion

Here is further research on sextortion in water and sanitation from Bangladesh with UNU-Meri, DORP, and Change Initiative.

Partners KEWASNET and ANEW also have carried out important research in Kenyan cities, all available from KEWASNET here.


Climate adaptation and climate adaptation finance


On Integrity readiness of the water and sanitation sectors and the risk of maladaptation

Brief - Water integrity as an opportunity for climate finance



Country research


Research on integrity levels and integrity gaps, regulatory frameworks, and public financial management from Bangladesh, Kenya, Mexico, and South Africa.



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