East Africa Water Integrity Forum

Linking Policy with Practice

When?      9th – 11th of May 2017
Where?    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


The Ethiopian Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity (MOWIE) and WIN in collaboration with co-convening partners are organizing an East African forum on water integrity. Country experiences will be shared with participants from various countries including Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, and from African regional institutions, and co-convening international and national organizations and NGOs.


Objective and purpose

Water integrity is a condition sine qua non for the achievement of water-related Sustainable Development Goals. The objective of the forum is to act on this premise and achieve higher levels of integrity in the water sector as an essential ingredient of good governance.The forum will strengthen partnerships and propose ways forward in terms of raising awareness, enhancing political will, and building multi-stakeholder engagement for good governance and integrity in the water sector in East Africa.



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The forum will cover country stocktaking and experience sharing, thematic work streams, and sessions to develop recommendations for future direction on water governance and integrity in East Africa.

Day 1 will take stock of the status of water governance and integrity in the region through:

  • Walk-in sessions inspired by the Water Integrity Global Outlook report 2016
  • Opening high level panel on the contribution of water integrity and good governance to reaching the water related SDGs,
  • Market Place with Country poster presentations on water governance and integrity,
  • Parallel sessions on promoting good water governance through transparency and integrity from the country initiatives

Day 2 will focus on sharing knowledge and experiences i.e. cases/practices and thematic work streams with water governance and integrity, covering topics such as:

  • Water security and integrity in river basins,
  • Investing in water infrastructure of economic growth and sustainable development,
  • Ensuring transparency in urban integrated water and wastewater management and services,
  • Integrity management in rural and peri-urban community-based water and sanitation,
  • Building resilience to climate related events and disasters.

Day 3 will focus on promoting policy alignment  and cooperation for good water governance and integrity. The session will highlight the way forward in terms of cooperation for good water governance and integrity. A market place with poster of promising partnerships, programmes and initiatives in and between countries will provide the elements for follow-up and take-away messages to be discussed in a high level panel.


How to engage

Forum co-conveners

Forum co-conveners take a stand to promote water integrity in Africa and make significant contributions in terms of forum contents, e.g. by leading and coordinating a full-day workshop, coordinating country participation as well as financial and/or in-kind contributions to the organization of the forum. They will jointly set the strategic direction and decide on contents of the forum. They will also have opportunities to lead plenary sessions, present their good practices and voice advocacy message through the forum.

Forum Partners

Forum partners support the advocacy efforts around the forum and contribute to its content. Forum partners provide visible support to the objectives, key messages and recommendations of the forum, but they are less directly involved in shaping and organizing the forum.

Forum partners are also those who provide meaningful content, facilitate, and/or co-convene workshops and sessions. They are also expected make in-kind contributions e.g. in documentation, and support project partners in the region to participate in the forum.

Participants (by invitation only)

Individual participants are encouraged to make an important contribution to the forum through their active engagement, full time participation, sharing of knowledge and practice based experience, and by taking messages forward their respective contexts.

The composition of the group participants will reflect multi-stakeholder character of water governance and integrity, the diversity of experiences in various countries at different levels, as well as the complementarity of bottom-up and top-down processes for good water governance and integrity.  Participants therefore include representatives from government bodies, civil society organisations and their networks, international organisations and NGOs, private sector, knowledge brokers and research institutes.


Call for Submission

Whilst this conference is by invitation only, interested organizations are invited to submit practice cases related to their work on water integrity in the water sector. In case you are interested to participate, please get in touch and send us your motivated expression of interest including the name of the person who could join the conference.

Contact: info[at]win-s.org


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