First African Water Integrity Summit

Lusaka, Zambia

Water sector stakeholders and capacity development programme alumni from 22 countries in Western, Southern and Eastern Africa gathered in Lusaka, Zambia on April 29-30 to share good practices on how to promote water integrity in Africa. Participants testified that uncovering corrupt activities and promoting integrity is a challenge that can at times be met with strong resistance. They concluded the event by issuing the Lusaka Statement, highlighting their commitment and outlining paths for action.

The Lusaka Statement emphasizes that:

  • Integrity is a core element of good water governance. There is no sustainability without integrity
  • There are initiatives, showcased at the conference, that produced visible benefits in communities and countries, sometimes in the face of strong resistance. Political leaders should commit to water integrity as an approach that has already proven its merit in practice
  • Participation of informed stakeholders and a strong civil society are key driving forces for change towards integrity in Africa.
  • Further investments are needed to close the capacity gap in the region.

Hon. Bai-Mass Taal, Executive Secretary of AMCOW (African Ministers’ Council on Water) endorsed the statement and brought it to the attention of the AMCOW 9th General Assembly and the Africa Water Week participants in Dakar, Senegal end of May.

Download full Lusaka Statement

See the water integrity cases studies from 15 countries shared by participants.