Integrity in the Water & Sanitation sector: a crucial element in response to COVID-19

Seminar series about Water, Sanitation and Solid Wastes in Coronavirus times - Inter-American Development Bank

In the context of the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, water, sanitation and solid waste services are essential and exempt from quarantine to combat the spread and contraction of the virus. It is therefore essential to find solutions to ensure these services for the entire population. At the same time, prevention during the crisis includes good hygiene practices and hand washing with water and soap; as well as good solid waste management, both domestic and for hospitals. This is where innovation can play an important role, complementing traditional methods, and where good management practices, governance and integrity can make a difference. Integrity ensures the efficient and wise use of resources.

The Water and Sanitation Division of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) invites you to participate in the fifth virtual seminar “Integrity in the W&S sector: a crucial element in the response to COVID-19” of the seminar series WATER, SANITATION AND SOLID WASTE IN CORONAVIRUS TIMES, which seeks to share innovative actions and lessons learned in the water, sanitation and solid waste sector in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) during and after emergencies.

This seminar aims to raise awareness of the importance of strengthening integrity, with actions of transparency, accountability, participation and anti-corruption, within the response to COVID-19 to ensure the effectiveness of measures and access to services.

The seminar will will be held on Tuesday, June 23, 2020 at 10:30 AM in Washington D.C. through the Zoom platform.

To register enter here with the following data:

  • Meeting ID: 918 0188 1142
  • Password: 177040

The main language of the seminar will be Spanish and simultaneous interpretation into English will be provided.

To fully access the platform’s services, participants are asked to connect via a computer, tablet or smart phone 15 minutes before the start of the seminar, to test their computer’s audio. In case they cannot connect through these devices, they can also connect by phone to access the session.

Please share this invitation with professionals in the sector. The innovative actions and lessons learned in the water, sanitation and solid waste sector in the face of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) during the emergency and in the recovery process will allow operators to respond in a timely manner to provide the best possible public home service.

As moderators:

  • Jacopo Gamba, Institutional State Capacity Division (BID)
  • Marcello Basani, Senior Specialist in Water & Sanitation (BID)

The speakers will include:

  • Lotte Feuerstein, Program Manager (WIN)
  • Pilar Avello, Program Manager of Water & Sanitation (SIWI)
  • Luciana Torchiaro, Regional Advisor for Latinamerica (Transparency International)
  • Nelly Ramírez Lagos, Transparency Officer, Regulator Body of Water & Sanitation Services ERSAPS – Honduras)
  • Jorge Arriaga Medina, Executive Coordinator (Centro Regional de Seguridad Hídrica – Mexico)

For more information on the seminar series, please write to

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