International Water Integrity Learning & Leverage Event in Nepal

Linking policy and practice

May 29 to June 2, 2017

Summit Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal


An international learning and leverage event for water integrity practitioners

  • Knowledge sharing and capacity development workshop for¬†programme partners.
  • Open presentation and debate on policy frameworks for water integrity in South Asia and on the latest results of the SDC-funded multi-country water integrity programme (MCWIP).
  • Practical training on the integrity, quality, compliance toolbox for water project management.

Water integrity practitioners are getting together to share experience and learn from their work in countries under the SDC-funded Multi-Country Water Integrity Programme. Different water integrity promotion activities have been piloted and assessed in Guatemala, Kenya, Nepal and Mozambique. These will be presented with the aim to identify best practice and develop capacity to embed water integrity in the strategy and project work of partners.

An event organized by Helvetas Intercooperation, Caritas Switzerland, cewas, and the Water Integrity Network, with the support of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

To join the public discussion or training workshop, please contact us at info(at)



May 29-30: 2 days learning & knowledge exchange for MCWIP initiatives, and other country participants interested in learning more about water integrity
Update on applied methodologies and progress made. Documentation of lessons learned. Action planning for mainstreaming water integrity. Mapping of capacity development needs.

May 31: Public conference on water integrity
Presentation of key achievements of water integrity programmes in Guatemala, Kenya, Mozambique, and Nepal. Analysis of regional and global policy frameworks for water integrity. Presentation of national water framework in Nepal and practical policy experiences for water integrity.

June 1-2: Training workshop on the Integrity, Quality, Compliance CSO water project management approach
Introduction to integrity and transparent, compliant practices for water service provision. Training and discussion.