(c) Ricardo Spencer. WIN photo competition 2013.

Webinar: Tackling Corruption in Rural WASH

2017 RWSN Webinar series

Webinar in French – 11am (GMT+02:00)

Webinar in English – 2.30pm (GMT+02:00)

The webinar ‘Tackling Corruption in Rural WASH’, organized by WIN on the 16th of May in cooperation with RWSN, IWMI and PNE Benin, will explain key risks linked to corruption in rural WASH and showcase examples of how to promote integrity. A lack of regulation, petty corruption, non-transparent tendering processes and integrity loopholes in water service delivery can seriously affect rural communities. Women and vulnerable communities suffer particularly from the consequences of poor integrity in rural WASH. There are many ways to promote integrity and reduce the risk of corruption. Join us for this webinar, including presentations from Floriane Clement from IWMI and Arnauld Adjagodo from PNE Benin, to learn more about corruption risks in rural WASH  and be inspired by water integrity good practice cases from West Africa and South Asia.

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