The significance of integrity and good governance in water sector climate adaptation


We are joining with the Green Climate Fund represented by its Independent Integrity Unit (GCF-IIU) to talk about the significance of good governance and integrity to avoid maladaptation in an interactive webinar ahead of COP27.

The webinar is for researchers and sector stakeholders to discuss the nexus between maladaptation, integrity failures and the water sector.

Register here (webinar will be on zoom)

We will be discussing:

  • the growing risk of maladaptation, where adaptation efforts are subverted and lead to increased vulnerability to climate change or diminished welfare
  • poor integrity and corruption as drivers of maladaptation and the need for an integrity-oriented approach
  • Transparency, Accountability, Participation, Anti-Corruption in development of adaptation plans


  • Dhesigen Naidoo – Senior Research Associate, Institute for Security Studies (ISS) Africa
  • Kathryn Pharr Senior Policy Advisor International Climate Action, WaterAid
  • Albert Lihalakha – Deputy Head of Green Climate Fund’s Independent Integrity Unit
  • M Zakir Hossain Khan, Managing Director, Change Initiative

Moderation by Barbara Schreiner, Executive Director, Water Integrity Network

Register here (webinar will be on zoom)

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