E-forum: Improving functionality and sustainability of rural water systems through social accountability

The experiences of WIN partner Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation

March 28th – April 14th

E-forum on Water Governance

From March 28 to April 14, an e-forum on Water Governance that will run on the GPSA platform. This discussion with experts follows a webinar held on the platform which focused on improving functionality and sustainability of rural water systems through social accountability. The knowledge exchange on the e-forum will contribute to: (1) learning about CSO, citizen, water providers, and government capacity to implement social accountability strategies and tools in order to monitor and improve water service delivery; (2) understanding how citizen feedback that can be used to inform the design and implementation of water governance projects; and (3) exploring how gendered approaches to social accountability programming in the water sector can be transformative for women and girls.

Click this link to join the e-forum discussion: http://bit.ly/2mAHh20


Tuesday, March 28th at 10 AM EST

GPSA webinar for knowledge exchange on social accountability

Access to safe, reliable, and sustainable water remains a challenge in many parts of the world, often because water systems are not really functioning, or do not exist at all. In addition, coverage, quality, continuity and price of water services also often differ widely between urban centers and rural areas. All too often deficiencies in the water sector are not caused by the lack of water or financial resources, but are rooted in poor governance in the water sector.

This webinar explores how HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation addresses these issues in its water project on social accountability in Benin and in other countries. It looks at the key issues that make water governance in rural settings such a challenge, and presents examples how accountability mechanisms in municipal planning and monitoring processes can be improved.

With Agnes Montagnero and Ben Blumenthal

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