WWWeek: Rights to Water and Food in Freshwater Allocation

Stockholm World Water Week 2022

Tuesday, August 30th, 14:00-15:30 CET

At the Stockholm World Water Week

Register at: https://www.worldwaterweek.org/tickets


In the emerging global dialogue on water tenure, this session explores equity and integrity in water law, breaking the silos within the water sector and between water and other sectors.

Findings of empirical and legal analysis in South Africa, Tanzania, and elsewhere in low- and middle-income rural areas across the world point at the need for statutory protection of customary water tenure, universal core minimum resource rights to water and food, and targeted, strict, and administratively just regulation, as locally relevant.


  • Rachel McDonnell, Deputy Director General, IWMI
  • Inga Jacobs-Mata, Regional Rep Southern Africa, IWMI
  • Jennifer Mowantwa, CEO, Water Research Commission South Africa
  • Barbara Schreiner, Executive Director, Water Integrity Network
  • Jippe Hoogeveen, Chief Technical Advisor, FAO
  • Jessica Troell, Senior Attorney International Water Program, ELI
  • Hans Komakech, Director, WISE-Futures


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