• Tools to promote integrity and manage risks

    Integrity – a holistic approach to increasing performance, supporting fairer and more sustainable initiatives in the water sector. Whether you are working to achieve the SDGs, institutional reform, new infrastructure development plans, reducing pollution, or improving sanitation in remote areas, there are integrity tools that can support your initiatives.

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Corruption and integrity issues are not unavoidable. It is possible to manage integrity risks and change the practices that let corruption thrive.

The first step is to acknowledge the real issues that limit our work in our organizations or programmes, and conduct assessments of governance and integrity to target our work more effectively.


Integrity Framework for Water Stewardship Initiatives: Water stewardship is the use of water in a way that is socially equitable, environmentally sustainable, and economically beneficial. This tool is a series of guidelines that helps to include the private sector in working towards sustainability while strengthening corporate integrity in water stewardship initiatives.

Integrity Quality and Compliance for Project Managers:  a set of simple project management tools and templates to address most common risks organizations face with this work. These are inspired by international project management standards but designed specifically for use on water projects with minimal resources.

Water Governance Assessment: an integrity assessment framework that can be adapted for individual water sector organizations. The approach consists of predetermined indicators that help water sector organizations like water utilities in assessing and monitoring integrity risks, with a view to supporting improving their performance through evidence-based integrity practices. The data from this assessment can also contribute to global monitoring processes and benchmarking.

Integrity Management Toolbox for Water Sector Organizations: an adaptable set of resources to support integrity management for private and public utilities, public water institutions and agencies, or water sector contractors. We generally work with trained local coaches to support organizations throughout the implementation process.

Integrity Pacts: Large-scale water projects are typically complex, requiring technical expertise and large cash expenditures, making them susceptible to corruption. This framework and series of templates help ensure that contracting parties abstain from offering, accepting, or demanding bribes, monitor adherence to the contract and compliance with procurement legislation, and enable the placement of sanctions on any parties breaching the pact.

Annotated Water Integrity Scan (AWIS): a participatory workshop, during which stakeholders are asked to score identified risk areas in terms of levels of transparency, accountability, and participation.

Water CSOs
& Community Groups

  • Get to the roots of recurring problems, initiate discussions and assessments of integrity
  • Build in (social) accountability measures or integrate simple quality and compliance processes for your projects

Water institutions & service providers

  • Reduce specific organizational risks in accounting, human resources, operations & maintenance
  • Build incentives and set standards for integrity in the sector

Networks & multi-stakeholder partnerships

  • Build trust in multi-stakeholder water programmes or stewardship initiatives through transparency and accountability
  • Evaluate and benchmark integrity levels among partners or in a portfolio of projects

There are many examples of tools and good practices that have been used to promote integrity across the globe. Find out more about programmes and activities in your region.

Contact us to share your own experiences! We’re always eager to hear about new tools and promote successful initiatives.


We are here to help navigate integrity tools, and to support your initiatives. We also work with a network of professional facilitators who can support the planning and implementation of specific integrity measures.


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